*Effective September, 2020

Check-in Procedure:

  • There is an online sing up that is sent to current students and to those who register for Open Studio. (Due to Covid-19 we have limited the number of students that can be in the ceramics studio.) The sign up covers normal building hours please enter through the doors on the main level. Once you are downstairs please take your temperature with the no-touch thermometer located by the exterior door and log your temperature in the yellow notebook. (If you register with a temp of 100 degrees or higher we ask you to return home.) Please wash your hands after this check in procedure before starting on any ceramic work. We require masks to be worn at all times while in the MCAC.
  • During class times that meet on building off hours: knock on the lower-level door to be let in by the instructor. Sign-in at the clipboard hanging on the bulletin board.  


  • Open studio privileges begin one day after your first class and extend for one week after your final class. Example: If your class meets April 1-May 13, your open studio access is from April 2-May 20.
  • The studios are usually available during the building’s regular open hours. There is a monthly schedule posted on the bulletin board near the basement entrance.
  • You may work in the ceramics studio if there is a class in the painting studio. You may work in the painting studio if there is class in the ceramics studio. Please do not enter a studio while a class is in session unless you are an enrollee. 
  • During classes that meet outside of regular hours - on a Thursday evening for instance, students may utilize open studio in the unused space. Example - students can use the ceramics studio during a Monday afternoon acrylics class, or students may utilize the drawing/painting studio during a Wednesday evening ceramics class. 
  • Give yourself ample time to clean up. Plan to be out of the building at least ten minutes before closing time.

General Policies:
  • We strive to maintain an inclusive and welcoming facility. Hate speech and harassment are not tolerated. Please speak with a staff member immediately if you have any concerns or feel uncomfortable/unsafe in the studios. 
  • Friends/family/pets may not visit students in the studios.
  • Food is allowed, but do not put food in the downstairs garbage cans. 
  • No alcohol is allowed in the studios except for special, instructor-led events.
  • Students are not allowed in the kiln room without a staff member 


  • Extra clay must be purchased ($12.50/bag).
  • Extra canvas boards must be purchased ($3/each).
  • There is no extra fee to use paints, pastels, ceramic glazes, and tools.
  • When in doubt, please ask a staff member.



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