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In the Armstrong gallery...

Cynthia Kukla. To the Sacred Grove.

The McLean County Arts Center presents Cynthia Kukla’s exhibition in the Armstrong Gallery June 16 - July 29, 2017. The free and public Reception will be on Friday, June 23, 5 - 7 pm.

"Before me, artists I admire have revisited famous figures and images in history and the works of art that stabilize their memory:  Grace Hardigan's Great Queen Series, Leon Golub's Greek colossi and sphinxes, Jim Dine’s Glypthotek drawings, James Lee Byars installations and Roy Lichtenstein's rendition of monuments.  My work is a tender rather than an ironic enterprise and the paintings I do bring together the painterly authority of our times, where a full arsenal of contemporary strategies are available for use, with the meditations on the past that this sober moment invites.  From sculptor Giacommeti:  “The entire art of the past, of all periods, of all civilizations rises before my mind, becomes a simultaneous vision, as if time had become space.”

In the Brandt Gallery...

The McLean County Arts Center presents Heather Brammeier ’s exhibition Lose the Feeling in the Brandt Gallery June 17 – July 29, 2017. The free and public Reception will be on Friday, June 23, 5 - 7 pm.

Heather Brammeier is a painter and installation artist whose work explores the perception of flat planes versus dimension.  For Lose the Feeling, her solo exhibition at the McLean County Arts Center, Brammeier has built a wood floor that hovers at an angle over the wood floor of the arts center gallery.  The interplay of a tilted wood floor with the level surface of the gallery floor leads viewers to ask themselves questions about their perception of groundedness and spatial relationships.  The title Lose the Feeling refers to the ways in which people suppress emotional experiences to suit the needs of others.  The tilted false floor invites viewers to contrast the raw, splintered underside of the floor with the warm, polished fa├žade.  The floor becomes a metaphor for individuals’ tendencies to present a “front” to others while experiencing more complex, raw emotions within.

In the Sales Gallery...

La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas y texto

The McLean County Arts Center presents Krystal Lyon ’s exhibition Figura Autem A Femina in the Sales Gallery June 16 – July 29, 2017. The free and public Reception will be on Friday, June 23, 5 - 7 pm.

“Four years ago I was introduced to the fiber sculptures of Judith Scott and instantly connected with how she used fiber and string to speak truths hidden away in her mind. As soon as I started making my own sculptures I recognized them as female. 
A strong frame, veins woven together and multi layered, these ladies developed curves and shapes that were so attractive and curious. I’m interested in what makes up a woman, the masculine and the feminine that are woven into us from conception, so there are references to our mothers and fathers in each piece. I also believe that the secrets we hold and hide give us unexpected shapes. I wanted to hide hopes and prayers and even regret and shame in each sculpture, some towards the surface but others at the core of each woman. These are my hidden treasures. You could try to unravel the secret but you would tear the woman apart and she would never be the same after. 

Figura Autem A Femina is latin for “The Shape Of A Woman”. These sculptures are my way of recognizing women, seeing them as layered, beautiful and full of mystery. Contemplating what their lives mean today and the shape they will take as the years pass. Each of these women have given me hope and inspired me. I pray, with these sculptures, I can display their glory and bear witness to their stories”.

Krystal Kay Lyon is a fiber artist from North Augusta, South Carolina currently living in Bloomington/Normal.


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